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Cross-Cultural Web Design


Thursday from 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Mac Lab – Kadir Has University

Instructor: Justin Hoffman


Website: Advanced Web Design Course Site


Course Description?: Web creation has become a dual dimensional construction environment with an imperialistic attitude to design and creation of stylistic web content: namely influenced by Eastern and European Modalities. Web Culture, Social Networking, and Telepresence have become central to an exponential interest for overcoming digital divided cities and a political focus. Advanced Design will focus on helping to augment the digital divide void with an cognizance of the qualities already prevalent in Web Design Culture, while attempting to empathetically design a new environment with cultural design sovereignty.


Class Overview and format:

February 11th – Introductions — tell about each other, discuss availability, describe web experience, discuss computer experience, describe passions, demonstrate where to purchase web site names, begin thinking about web site names describe the cost of hosting a site.

February 18th – Begin learning how to build a basic web page — resources and examples on www. — examples of bad web pages/ student pages in the past —–

February 25th – In class – working on World’s Worst Websites. Homework is to have web page begun/made for the next class— next class we will go over our web pages and critique them among the group, worst web page wins!!!

March 4th – Review of our websites and discuss what we were trying to accomplish. — Watch TED Video on Design. Homework Reading: Assign Media Artist in the Contested City Aware.

March 11th – Reading of the “Media Artist in the Contested City Aware” in thorough detail – Introduction of CSS Style Sheets. Discuss the CSS Assignment. Homework: Find 2 wordpress templates you really LOVE!!

March 18th – Set up WordPress Sites – Hertzinger Dunne Video – Homework: Assign Paper 2

March 25th – Taste of Flash by Fatma – Basic Flash Exercise Due before end of Class – Reading of Paper 2: “Memory Arts to the New Code Paradigm”.

April 1st – Taste of Dreamweaver by Nisa – Basic Dreamweaver Exercise Due before end of Class – Review of the Confucian Influence on Art.

Assign Investigation into 7 Influences for Visual Empathy: How to find Intellectual materials for your 7 Influences?

April 8th – Demonstrate your CSS Project Number 2 – critique – Discussion of European Styles.

April 15th – Discussion of Eastern Art and Architectural Influences/ Discussion – Work on google mapping, preparing, rough draft.

April 22nd – Show us Defend your Influences and Rough draft – Critique

April 29th – Show us Defend your Influences and Rough draft – Critique

May 6th – Show us Defend your Influences and Rough draft – Critique

May 13th – Show us Defend your Influences and Rough draft – Critique


Required Materials and Reading:

class web site and tutorials: @

Readings (4) will be provided via .pdf in class


1 – Worst Web Site in the World

2 – CSS Appropriation

3 – Rough Draft/ Influences Presentation

4 – Final Web Site

================================ 50 %


1st Paper

2nd Paper

3rd Paper

4th Paper

================================= 25 %

Homework/Lab Sessions




================================== 10 %

Participation/ Attendance

================================== 15%

Total Points

=============================================== 100 %