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Mid-Term — Mini Productions

Mid- Term — Mini Production Ideas —


Video Production Class ( 4 projects )


– Black Sea Chai

— sugar cubes floating in the black sea

— physical sugar cube sculptures -biodegradable?

— real cafe / interaction —

— ferry shots

— discussing the contents of the ingredients

— research of the current state of the waters

— faux news commentary

— green screen, after effects

– Trash  Maintenance Ballet

— choreography – organizing ballerinas / dancers

— costume design

— urban planning

— sound track

– Taxi Chauvinism

— faux psychological discussion, emotional/

psychological effects, nervous twitch

— fictionalized effects on dreams

— vs. male Chauvinism, feminist — historical roots 

and foundations

— the metamorphosis of courting rituals – men just making noises at women in

bars, instead of an introduction

— organizing faux group meeting/protests/political


— posters

–  Megaphone Minaret Morning

— a reflexive look at noise pollution within Istanbul

— video/ audio footage of police megaphone

— video/ audio footage of masses, obeying the walk/ stay sign

— first hand footage of the minaret morning prayer

— staging of an individual shouting at individuals from an upstairs apartment or

balcony with morning announcements:

Good Morning, Have a Nice Day, Today’s gonna be a good one, the weather

conditions, etc.