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six evidences


A.  ART: Triumph of Anti –Art – Thomas McEvilley –

Criteria for selection:  A material outlining the history of art and what lays ahead, alluding to technologies ability of pushing the boundaries and progressing the art establishment.

B.  SCIENCE/BIOLOGY: Tutorial on the universality of fold – Graham Hutton

Criteria for selection:  The goal of challenging perception and trying to understand “an interactive theorem-proving environment for classical higher-order logic.”(Hutton).

C.  CULTURAL CRITERIA: fast food chains

Criteria for selection:  the ideal of fastfood in my culture seems to exhibit itself in locations beyond a traditional fastfood chain, people are consumed with having all aspects of their lives expeditiously delivered (food, construction, etc.).

D. TECHNOLOGY: Aristolian Rainbow from Philosophy to Computer Graphics

Criteria for selection:  A book that spans the Greco-Roman influence, and connects the history of our metaphorically greek culture to our present and future digital age.

E.  ARCHITECTURE/ FAMOUS LANDMARKS: Alice E. Adams – Reproducing the womb, images of childbirth in science, feminist theory, and literature.

Criteria for selection:  Selected to expand my knowledge of the most intimate of all spaces, a space our genesis, and a material to help investigate, visualize, and experience an allo environment.

F.  HUMAN COMPUTER RELATIONSHIP: Manuel de landa – War in the age of Intelligent Machines

Criteria for selection:  Attempt to understand the conflicts in the human computer relationship, and how to unite the two to create powerful human computer interfacing.