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Workshop – vj fest istanbul

my name is justin hoffman, i am from los angeles and currently teaching at Kadir Has University here in istanbul.

I am an ambient immersive artist, where I create and curate multi projector installations to mold the environment to the viewer…

the live visuals tools that I use for live performance are: final cut pro, in camera filters, after effects, max Sp, modul8, processing.








Today I will discuss the processing framework, which provides an opportunity for artist to incorporate interactivity and generative visuals for the usage of creating live visuals.  As an open source environment, processing is a high level programming learning tool for getting acquainted with programming.  Built on the java platform based on the research of John Maeda was facilitated by Casey Reas and Ben Fry. Processing provides an opportunity to learn and get ones hands dirty right away with programming.  Essentially processing works similar to a scripting environment much like Action script, Mel Scripting, Etc.

=== here is the website == WWW.PROCESSING.ORG

Some examples of work that is currently done with scripting and processing.

Cymatic ripple from flight404 on Vimeo.

A Drifting Up from Reza on Vimeo.

Demonstrate a simple sketch == perhaps the fancy fft sketch and show how one can increase and decrease the size of the window.


== with this piece i sent the fast foruer transform settings to an led cube that visually displayed the movement of the frequency domain on a constructed LED cube…. thus demonstrating that the FFT signals can correlate and be manipulated to any visualizations that you may be interested in.

4X4X4 Led Arduino/Max Controlled Cube from Justin Hoffman on Vimeo.

with seemingly infinite options for expansion the individual can create  display with controllable properties possible from Open Sound Control, building a general user interface or Gui to control the visuals, or just allow incoming camera feeds to affect the visuals.


open sound control and touch osc


VJing in Isla Vista from Justin Hoffman on Vimeo.

== demonstrate incoming camera feeds


== show a gui, lormalized… and the video of it being utilized.


== there are other options available, although they may require some more technology… a way that I find to be a nice complement is utilizing a Video Mixer.  The set up with the Video Mixer would utilize to input sources ( a computer running processing as 1 content source, and another computer, dvd player, etc… as a secondary source of input )  The video mixer would then be able to transition between the two different visuals.

The reason that I prefer and recommend this option is that with processing, in order to begin another sketch, it is best to stop the previous sketch for some amount of time, leaving black space during the presentation.  The Video Mixer provides the capability to transition between content and change sketches with out black or blue screen showing…. The video mixer also provides the capability of easily editing and adding video content if you are using VJ software.


Another option currently in a beta version is Processing Mother, a new VJ application built in processing for live performance.  This beta version, incorporates some lower level java programming in order to implement with eclipse or another programming environment.

processing mother


So how do you make a sketch in processing/ what resources are available to receive immediate results?