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exQuIsiTe CoRpsE

We have learned about Fluxus, Dada, Avant-garde, and the life of Ray Johnson:

Fluxus — According to Shelby Garner

The fluxus movement originated in the 1960’s and is an art form that forces artists and viewers alike to push their boundaries for what is acceptable as art by using all types of media.  The main idea behind this movement was to create a series of chain reactions through art.  Some types of this work include chain letters the six degrees of separation and collages.  Two artists involved in the Fluxus movement are Daniel Spoerri whose work Prose Poems consisted of what was left after he ate a meal on a wooden board, attached to the board and then hung vertically to create a sense of visual discomfort.  The other is Geoff Hendricks.  His piece “Two Year Piece, 1965” is not visual art but what some describe as language art.


Dada Movement – Dadaism — By Rob Piotter

The Dada Movement also know as Dadaism started in Zurich, Switzerland which was “neutral” territory where many artists escaped to during WWI.  It began in 1916 and ran strongly through 1922.  The movement was the response of anger to the disasters of WWI.

There were seven founders:  Hugo Ball, Hans Arp, Tristan Tzara, Marcel Janco, Francis Picabia, Christian Schad, and Sopie Taeuber-Arp.

The movement involved Visual Arts, literature and poetry, art manifestoes, art theory and theater.  Its purpose was to state the meaninglessness of the modern world through public gatherings, demonstrations and publishing Dada art in art/literary journals where there was passionate coverage of art and politics.


Avant Garde  — According to Acacia and Valeria is —

– Literally means “advanced guard”

– Term used in military for moving into battle

“Avant-garde represents a pushing of the
boundaries of what is accepted as normal or the
status quo, primarily in the cultural realm” (Wikipedia)

– Began in France 1850

– Tried to upset society by confusing the elite,
upsetting commerce, and pushing morals


As seen in the presentation by acacia and valeria… Salvador Dali was discussed … who is a heavy influence on the surrealism movement.  This movement was instigated by Andre Breton’s manifesto in 1924.  One of his interesting associations to the surrealist movement is a parlor game he played called consequence.

“Exquisite Corpse (“cadavre exquis” in French) is an exercise used by Surrealist writers and visual artists to create original writing and images inspired by the unconscious mind. The exercise is based on is based on an old parlor game called Consequences in which players wrote in turn on a sheet of paper, folded it to conceal part of the writing, and then passed it to the next player for another contribution.”


Here is the online version:

Consequence was also a drawing game where they would pass the drawing to different individuals all collaborating on the work  … like this Cadavre Equis by Man Ray, Joan Miró, Max Morise and Yves Tanguy


Now see if you can find my contribution to this online version…

— go ahead… hop online and contribute!!!


Here is a poetry exQuIsiTe  CoRpsE


Lets listen to music made by exQuIsiTe CoRpsE




Youtube Symphony Orchestra – “is a global endeavor devoted to sharing the love of music and celebrating humanity’s vast creative diversity” —


Installation/Performance Based exQuIsiTe CoRpsE

Learning to Love You More:

“Learning to Love You More is both a web site and series of non-web presentations comprised of work made by the general public in response to assignments given by artists Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher. Yuri Ono designed and managed the web site.” — According to

— Flash Mobs —  like — Improv Everywhere :

Improv Everywhere is a New York City-based prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places.” — According to

Sound of Music | Central Station Antwerp (Belgium) – YouTube

Frozen Grand Central – YouTube


Photography Based exQuIsiTe CoRpsE

“Slideluck Potshow (SLPS) is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to building and strengthening community through food and art.  SLPS operates multimedia slideshows combined with potluck dinners in about forty cities around the world.  For each event, artists submit up to five minutes worth of images and guests bring along delicious food to share.  The evening begins with a couple hours of mingling and dining on home-cooked dishes, and then the lights are dimmed, the crowd is hushed, and a spectacular slideshow commences.” — According to

“Each day for a year, starting on September 1, 2007, Superfund365 visited one toxic site in the Superfund program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We began the journey in the New York City area and worked our way across the country, ending the year in Hawaii. ??Today the archive consists of 365 visualizations of some of the worst toxic sites in the U.S., roughly a quarter of the total number on the Superfund’s National Priorities List (NPL). Along the way, we wrote an email update with highlights and conducted video interviews.” — Superfund 365


Video Based exQuIsiTe CoRpsE


“The SUBVEX film company opens its doors with an international film project, bridging a gap between some true legends of avant-garde cinema, and emerging, young talent of contemporary cinema: the ‘Exquisite Corpse’ 8mm experiment.”

“All filmmakers shoot separate short films, which will eventually be stitched together to form a longer whole. This footage is shot on Super 8mm or regular 8mm film, developed, scanned and finally, edited by each filmmaker digitally. Each contributing filmmaker will shoot two (2) rolls of 8mm or Super 8mm film (depending on the type of camera they receive) – The producers will then determine the overall order of the separate shorts within the larger, whole piece, and the financiers will all be given an equal vote on the order in which the films appear together as the whole. We will post descriptions of each short online for the financiers to consider and vote upon the concept or intent of the pieces. ” — According to Subvex

subvex’s Channel – YouTube


Writing Based exQuIsiTe CoRpsE

Round robin — listing of collaborative magazines…


Software Based exQuIsiTe CoRpsE – “Add-Art is a free FireFox add-on which replaces advertising on websites with curated art images. The art shows are updated every two weeks and feature contemporary artists and curators”  —


Podcast Based exQuIsiTe CoRpsE

Diggnation – “Diggnation is a weekly tech/web culture show based on the top social bookmarking news stories.” — Revision3


Commerce Based exQuIsiTe CoRpsE

Amazon Reviews, Ebay Reviews, and comment and star based review systems..


Education Based exQuIsiTe CoRpsE

Wikipedia, Wolfram-Alpha, etc…




Famous Film Makers Usage of exQuIsiTe Corpse

Tim Burton’s Cadavre Exquis —

Royal Opera House “The Twitter Opera”





Blogging for a free Tibet

Politics on Twitter : Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, ….


— Kickstarter

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— Facebook Wall

— Craigslist

— Instagram

— Digg

— Amazon / Ebay Reviews

— Google Docs