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conclusion and summary


Based on the information provided and researched, the Organic LED Displays offer the most possibility for future panorama displays.  As the display technology creates a manufacturing infrastructure, similar to LCDs and CRTs, the economic and exhibition possibilities will gain a larger audience.

Pass-through displays, while providing significant promise with a possibility for floor embedded housing and walk through screens, lack many of the more significant attributes needed in the vanity of screen presentation: gamut, resolution, and overall fidelity.  The expense of entry and the issues outlined above should provide caution to individuals looking to create a panorama with the Pass-through displays currently manufactured.

Projectors are the current choice for overall relevance in the consumer marketplace, flexible image placement, and quality of image.  If care is taken in the construction and choices for the environment, projectors can provide a very good solution for the creation of a panorama environment.

Lastly, one must truly consider the content of the image they will be displaying in a panorama environment.  With the knowledge gained from understanding the different displays, different presentation styles may benefit the overall appearance of the panorama being displayed.


I appreciate all the help and assistance that I received in researching this topic, some of the information, technical specifications, and locations to unlock further details were definitely obfuscated, needing the expertise and direction of the following organizations and individuals: Steven Travis-Pope, Markos Novak, Marc Sims, Tobias Hollerer and the individuals of the Fog Lab, Amichi Amar, Jo-Anne Kuchera Morin, George LeGrady, and the online community.


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