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Spring Semester Have a Good Summer!!

Erected april* 2008

Images of my exhibition at the East Gallery in Claremont are now online by following the link to “Erected April* 2008″… Videos of the exhibition are soon to follow ….so stay tuned….  

Inspiration!!!  Here is a link to check out more of Erwin Redl… a genius with the LED…   ……….enjoy

last day of class

Today was the last day of the digital art class 🙁 …. time really flies bye… but it ended with a bang!!! 🙂 …. the students completed a video and audio project, based off a visual timeline.  Then 1 student audio piece and 1 student video piece were played in sync… while randomly selected.  The […]

a visit to the claremont musuem of art

Claremont Museum of Art I went to the Claremont Museum of Art and checked out Ephemeral: Explorations in Light. After passing through the haunted house entrance, the art behind the spooky curtains is really nice. The Claremont Museum of Art has a touch of the progress-oriented style seen at the Armand Hammer Museum in Westwood. […]